Our History

Lyonwood is the merger of Mitul Popat and Prash Jaitley’s property investment portfolios that date back to 2007. Lyonwood has various investment companies that form the group.  As investment strategies change over the years, two facets of the strategy always holds firm and that is the focus of return on investment and bettering the local communities in which their property investments reside.

Lyonwood was officially formed as a Private Limited Company in 2015 with the Founders’ continued objective of sourcing nationwide commercial investment opportunities that present value-add opportunity as well as residential development opportunities within London home counties that possess planning gain potential.  Whether it is commercial property or residential development, Lyonwood’s aim is not only to achieve return on investment, but also better the local community through its vision of enhancing the properties acquired.

Over the years, Lyonwood has built strong relationships with both the major and local auction houses and continues to be an active buyer and seller with these auctioneers.