Our Team

Prash Jaitley
Prash Jaitley is a co-founder of Lyonwood, and has had a long standing career in commercial retail, with a superb network and strong relationships in the property sector. His network of large developers and traders trust Prash as he is known for his deliverability and performance.

Prash’s vision is to make the Lyonwood group one of the strongest property companies in London for prime real estate.


Mitul Popat
Mitul Popat is a co-founder of Lyonwood, he previously worked in Europe for a successful stock market trading company. As a trader Mitul gained a series of skills transferable to the property sector, his knowledge and financial background, specifically understanding how markets work, has helped to shape the foundations Lyonwood and its assets.

Mitul’s valuable knowledge has superior understanding of the property sector has helped gain valuable investment in Lyonwood and has also help to show year on year returns.